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    • Compact system mirrorless cameras

    • DSLR cameras

    • Digital compact cameras

    • Lenses

    • Flash equipment

    • Studio lighting

    • Wet DSLR sensor cleaning

    • Water / liquid / sand damage 

    • LCD screen replacement

    • Fungus / mould / dust contamination

    • Faulty / damaged parts replacement

    • CF / SD / XD / MS card slot 

    • PC & laptop 

    • PCB component level

    • HMI and PLC

    • Touch screen replacement & adaptation

    • Power supply

    • DJ & audio equipment

    • Projector

    • SMD and micro soldering 

    • Hot air soldering

    • RFID Readers & Barcode Scanners


    Are you looking for help? Here I am! I am very experienced electronic engineer - reliable, hard-working, very highly motivated and extremely fair with prices. Most of my work concentrated with repair of all makes and models of digital cameras, lenses and flash equipment. In addition to this, I also do general electronics repairs to component level. My passion and dedication for this work has made me where I stand now. My most important point is a happy customer. I provide extremely fast, high quality service in Dublin, Ireland. More, I do free evaluation and 3 months warranty for all my repairs. If you have any query, you are very welcome!